Mom Life and Margaritas

My first margarita postpartum! Cheers mamas!

I am writing to you all about what I have learned thus far through the adventures that I have taken and will take on with my family. 

You will see “how tos” and guides that help you enter this new chapter of motherhood, from the moment you are pregnant to the time you deliver through being a mom.

Being a mom is a big thing to undertake, and I hope you all take something away, so you can live your best lives with your little ones.

Since this is about my family and our adventures, you should probably meet all the members first! Here is my “squad,” we refer to ourselves as “Team Nenz.”

Nathan is my husband, Theodore is our son (born on May 2, 2019) and Ellie is our dog, an Aussiedoodle.

Who should read this blog?

If you are a new mom who is trying to figure out this thing called motherhood, this blog is for you.

We (moms) may not at the moment have the time for all the things we used to do, like hiking, softball, running, spending time with our fur babies, or finding the next best swimming spot or camping hideout. But, we do have time to love our new members of the family, and we will soon be able to show them the world we love.

If you want to join me on this journey and adventure of motherhood, we will grow together and show our kids the world we know best.

We are adventure seekers (not to be mixed up with thrill seekers!) like a lot of y’all out there, we hope you enjoy our story of parenthood that we share and that you share your “mom ventures” with us as well.

This is what my #momlife is all about and I enjoy it with a #margarita on occasion.  I love my #momlifeandmargaritas, and I hope you love yours too.

Love you all, let’s master motherhood and give our kids the best of us.

P.S. This blog is also for any of my close family and friends who just simply want to see Theo updates! There are Theo pictures throughout my blog posts and columns. Love you all lots.