Mom Life and Margaritas

This is what #momlife is all about, enjoy it with a #margarita on occasion.  Let’s love our #momlifeandmargaritas, and our babies too.

About Me

I am McKenzie, a mom first and foremost. I work full time and I have a wonderful husband and dog Ellie. I love my family dearly and we are a great team, we even have a nickname! We are #teamnenz.

I have learned a lot being a new mom. I by no means am any kind of doctor or professional, so if you see any tips or tricks in this blog, as always, take it with a grain of salt.

My posts are centered around life updates, helpful hints, and what to do when you need help. This is based off my personal experience and expertise I obtain from my pediatrician. If you take my advice, just make sure to check all your facts before applying it to your life, to ensure that you and your doctor agree with the method.

We are very, “go with the flow,” team. We took Theodore everywhere when he was first born, parties, walking, hiking and beaching. He slept when he wanted, ate when he wanted and did not have any sort of routine. If you like that kind of style, I dare you to read on.

I am ecstatic to share and learn with all of you so we can all work together to conquer motherhood and share the best life we can with our little ones.

“Walk together through the adventure of motherhood, grow together and show our kids the world we know best.”

Being a parent

Parenthood changes your life for the better, as we change our day-to-day activities we embark on a journey we are not prepared for, with not just our husband’s hand, but also our babies small little human hand that will absorb all the things you tell and show them. It’s an adventure, and it is our job to guide them.

Discover a new way of life

You are still the adventure seeker you once were, all you have to do is find a new way to tag along your baby. Be adventurous. It is okay to go hiking, walking, camping and even go to the beach with your little ones. To get there, you just have prepare a few more things before you can head off to your destination. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

“No matter what you do, your kiddo will always enjoy the little things in life. What you give is enough, and they are here for you, to love you. Do the best you can and love your little one with all of your heart and they are certain to love you will all of theirs.”

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