New Moms- How to Prep for Baby: Diapering and Toys

The other big thing you need to do is to be ready to change your baby’s many diapers and have a few items to entertain your baby. Nathan and I set up a changing table and had a couple of toys that we assembled once Theo was home. You will have some time to do this, so don’t panic! You have time mommas, know that! Diapering is key but you can wait to set up your play mat and swing.

What do you need for your diaper station?

  1. Changing pad with cover
  2. Diapers– Keep in mind we had a week where we used the diapers at the NICU- so we didn’t need many newborn diapers. 3-4 boxes of size 1, 2 month supply of size 2 (Pampers Pure through Babylist)
  3. Desitin butt paste
  4. Wipes for those stinky diapers!
  5. Mini trashcan- we don’t use a diaper genie and I really don’t notice any smell!
  6. Hand Sanitizer
  7. Nose Frida
  8. Baby saline spray

What kind of toys do you need?

  1. Play mat with hanging toys, we like the Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym 
  2. Bouncer, we like the Fisher-Price Fun ‘n Fold Bouncer 
  3. Swing, I don’t think you need anything fancy, and its sometimes nice to not have the swing and bouncer all in one!
  4. Soft plush animals, like a bear or a horse
  5. Peek-a-boo elephant, we like the Gund Baby Animated Flappy The Elephant Plush Toy

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