New Moms- How to Prep for Baby: Clothes

I am so happy we didn’t waste our time with washing all clothes and taking stickers off blankets and toys, because you know what? You have no idea how big or small your baby is going to be! When your baby is born, the weight that your doctor has been telling you could be off or they may not even tell you at all. And if you are pregnant right now, and expecting your first born (your baby is already 6 pounds by the last month), you may end up with a pretty big baby. Theo was 8 pounds, 4 ounces at birth, still pretty average, not even that big, and he only lasted in his newborn clothing for 2 weeks, and he was in the NICU for 1 of those 2 weeks. Now you tell me, would you want to waste your money on lots of newborn clothes if he is only going to be in them for 2 weeks? Not me! So we swapped out all our clothes, and were able to just because we left all tags on and didn’t wash anything until we were absolutely sure that we would use the clothes we had.

So what should you buy your little one for those first few weeks of life? Keep in mind you are going to be TIRED and you will have very little energy to dress up your little one. Yes, there are people who take cute photos of their baby in all their cute little outfits, but seriously, trust me, you will be too tired to do that.

We bought a pack of newborn white onesies from Target, they are easy to slip on and off, keep your little one at the right temperature if you house is set to 73 degrees at night (your baby might run hot or cold, so adjust accordingly, my other posts go into detail about this), and why white? Well you can use spray and wash or soak in Oxi Clean to clean up.

Target White Onesies

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