New Moms- How to Prep for Baby: Stroller and a Car Seat

New moms, just stop what you are doing right now, stop looking for the perfect stroller and the perfect car seat online. I can tell you right now, that you have to go into Buy Buy Baby, and if you don’t have one near you, find one or find a store that has strollers you can test out. We did this, and then bought ours on Amazon. If you don’t have time for this, and you go right to Amazon, hopefully this post will help make your decision easier! – I promise we did extensive research!!

This is the biggest thing you have to do before baby comes home- you have to have a car seat and a stroller.

Why a car seat? You will not be allowed to take your baby home from the hospital unless you have one. The nurses in fact make sure that the car seat you have will fit your little one as well.

Why a stroller? You will not enjoy lugging your car seat around, I enjoy pushing it around. IT IS HEAVY LADIES. I don’t care how much muscle you have, try lugging a car seat + baby through the Texas heat. It is 1000X hotter out when you are lugging everything around and the baby is crying.

We chose the UPPAbaby Vista stroller, it is hands down the best stroller in the game.

  1. I can hold a coffee and push a door open with my butt while easily maneuvering the stroller through the narrow doors at the UT Golf Club.
  2. I don’t need two hands to walk in straight line. I don’t even need a forearm like I have seen mom’s recommend if you are using one hand with other strollers.
  3. I can close down the stroller in two seconds, even with the car seat adapter.
  4. It comes with a bassinet that is approved for overnight sleep. Win! This is why we haven’t bought our crib yet.
  5. You have a toddler seat that is included, and the infant insert is only $39.99 if you want to use it right away. We use both, either is super convenient! It just depends what Theo wants that day, to be sprawled out in a bassinet or snug in the insert.
  6. It is compatible with the car seat I picked, the Chicco Key Fit 30.

So now onto our car seat…

How did we pick out the Chicco Key Fit 30 and how did we know this was our perfect car seat?

Nate and I like to read reviews and really look at all the options out in the world. Most of our decisions are based on reviews, so why not pick out our car seat solely based on reviews?

Well that is not good enough, sometimes the reviews for car seats focus on ease of use, but you need to find one that is also safe. Research the safety ratings of each car seat!

We joined to Consumer Reports this year, since we were remodeling our home and having a baby, we knew we would get good use out of the reports, and naturally used this website when purchasing our car seat.

Here is what the consumer reports said: the Chicco Key Fit 30 is the best car seat. Well is it? If you have a consumer reports membership, you will see that the Chicco KeyFit 30 holds the top two spots for crash protection, ease of use, fit-to-vehicle LATCH, and fit-to-vehicle- belt.

When we were at Buy Buy Baby, we talked to two different sales associates and tried out the car seat in the store display. It was easy to install, was very secure and the online reviews backed up the sales associates opinions that this is an all around safe and easy to use car seat.

So mommas, there you have it, a brief introduction to what I recommend for your stroller and car seat options!

P.S. If you do end up going with this option, you will need an adapter to connect the car seat to the UPPAbaby stroller. As a heads up, the price of the Chicco Car Seat +Adapter is the same price or just a bit less than the UPPAbaby Mesa Car Seat.

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