Creating a Morning Routine

What do you do when you wake up with your baby? What time do you wake up? How do you start your day?

These are three questions that I ask myself when I get up with Theo every day. I like to make sure that we both start the day and fully wake up so we keep our days and nights straight.

Here are some suggestions (in the order I do them) on how you can create a morning routine:

  • Say, “Good morning Theo!” Pretty loud but not too loud, just enough so they know the day is starting! Try even saying it in English and Spanish to encourage bilingual development. “Buenas Dias Theo!”
    Open the blinds so the sun pours into the room
    Sing as you open the blinds, my choice is “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine”
    Take your little one out of their swaddle and their pjs
    Change your little ones diaper, it’s probably dirty anyways! We don’t do middle of the night diaper changes anymore.
    Put a new outfit on your little one now OR wait until you…
    Give your little one a bath – some babies will like a bath to wake up and some will like a bath to go to sleep- experiment and see what works best!
    Snuggle them and wrap them up in a blanket until you know they are warm
    Feed your little one, I choose to pull out the breast milk as a treat to start the day since the rest of the day we do formula
    Put a cute outfit on for the day
    Go for a walk (This can sometime put them back to sleep but it gets them outside for some time which they need as well! And if anything you’re getting your workout in early, so you are set up to succeed the rest of the day)
    Put them in the bouncer – we have the fisher price kick ‘n play jungle themed bouncer- it is very stimulating so it will wake Theo up! He runs marathons in it!
  • This is how Theo and I start the day and I hope that some of these suggestions can help you start the day with your little one.

    It is important to start the day and make a big deal out of the day. This helps your little one keep the difference between day and night. It is essential not only to their well being, but yours too! It keeps your little one sleeping at night and up during the day!

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