Dry Skin and Breastmilk: Fact! It works!

Use breastmilk on your little ones scalp if you notice any dry skin! or anywhere on their body for that matter.

We washed Theo’s scalp with breastmilk after we noticed little pieces were flaking off.

After one bath and only one treatment of breastmilk to his head, the dry skin was gone.

So what do we think this was? We think that Theo had a very mild case of cradle cap.

Cradle cap is dry skin on the scalp that tends to flake off but be present on your baby. You are able to self treat and usually, according to Google, it is something you are able to self treat.

Babies can get very dry scalps and it is okay! This is the first step to taking care of your little one. Remind yourself that you are the mama. You know best. Try things that you think will work.

I panicked at first because I saw a lot of dry skin coming off and sitting on his play mat. I was worried he was shedding too much! But really it was just dry scalp, nothing too serious.

I wish I had a before picture but you will just have to trust me, using breastmilk works wonders. Lots of people say there are a lot of uses for breastmilk out there, and Im telling you that this is one of them. It is a fact!

As a new mom tip as well, if you are breastfeeding… instead of pumping and dumping after you drink, keep the milk from that session and just mark “do not drink,” and save it for other uses.

Use your “tainted,” breastmilk on your babies skin! Or yours for that matter. It has healing properties and you really don’t want to waste that liquid gold!

Good luck mamas and I hope that this can help y’all maximize the use of your breastmilk! Never pump and dump!

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