Taking a Successful Family Picture, No Photographer Needed

Have you ever tried to take a family picture without a photographer?

We tried for the first time this past week… it was a serious struggle. And! We only have one kid and one dog. We ended up liking our selfie the most and our individual photos as well. Ellie also got her own photo!

Ellie didn’t want to sit still even though she is good at “stay.” Theo luckily wasn’t fussy but his clothes were riding up and he would stare at me not the camera. My husband kept saying, “is that good?” Which is a good question but it never was! And finally our camera stand wouldn’t stay steady and it even fell apart.

So what are some things I learned that might help you?

  • Grab a toy, like this one to put directly behind the camera. Your baby will stare at the camera! The sound and songs that the elephant plays pulls Theo in and he stares at the camera and not me.
  • Get a good tripod, like this one, so you have one less thing to worry about.
  • Set up your dog last and have your dog on the edge of the photo. If your husband can manage, have him put his hand on your dogs butt. This worked for Ellie. And I would sit between him and Ellie.
  • Put your iPhone on portrait mode, my photos always come out better in portrait.
  • BUT if no one will sit still do a Live Photo because it gives room for your mistakes. If everyone is wiggling, the Live Photo picks the best one of the lot.
  • Match your outfits. Pick a color scheme and have everyone dress up. You will feel like a million bucks so you will look like a million bucks. If you feel good you will look good.
  • Lastly make sure that you have lots of light. And make sure the sun is in front of you. I love taking photos in the sun room but if I take them at the end of the day the sun ends up being behind us so our faces are pretty dark. I have to make sure we take photos in the morning in that room, they are still really lights and the sun is in the right position.

We really had a tough time. Enjoy our outtakes!

Overall it was a big struggle in our first family shoot but I learned a lot and hope that you learn something from our mistakes, and I hope your first photo shoot is more successful.

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