Newborn Photo Session: What to ask and how to prepare

You need to know exactly what photos you want from your newborn session and you have to make sure the photographer knows how to work with babies safely. We found someone who used to be a postpartum nurse, big plus!

My recommendation…

I recommend that you do a photoshoot in your home, because it allows you to have your own space and the photos look more personal than posed. You can use your own props, which hold more meaning, and you also have the option to use a few that the photographer brings. I also recommend that you have someone do the photo shoot for you so you can get all family members in the photo. These two decisions would also allow you to have your pets in the photos as well, which I wish we would have done!

Why this recommendation…

We did a photo shoot in a studio and didn’t have our own props, which is why I am writing to you now, so you know what your options are before you make a decision. There are photographers that will come to your house and are within your price range! I didn’t know this at the time, I thought the cost would be way outside what I could do.

Decide first….

  1. Do you want to take the photos yourself or find someone to do them?
  2. Do you want to have the photo session in your home, outside or in a studio?
  3. Who is going to be in the shoot? The whole family or just the newborn?
  4. When do you want to do the shoot? Do you really want to have newborn photos or would you rather wait until they are 3-4 months or older?


  1. How long have you been working in newborn photography?
  2. Have you completed newborn photography workshops or training in posing of newborns?
  3. If not, do you know the safe positions for baby and handling of baby? Where did you learn these?
  4. Do you know CPR for infants and toddlers? CPR in general?
  5. Do you have business or liability insurance? (KEY!)
  6. Do you have examples of work you have done? Can you send this over to me?
  7. What if baby is sick/ we can’t show up that day? (Babies are unpredictable and this can happen, you may have to reschedule… or… and hopefully not… but… if your baby is in NICU, you don’t know how long this could be)
  8. Do you have props that are safe to use? Do you come to our home or do we come to you?
  9. What should we bring with? Can we bring our own props? (If you aren’t photographing at home)
  10. How long is the session typically? What are the different packages and lengths? Can we do a custom package?


  1. Find exactly what you want in your newborn photos and send them examples (We didn’t do this and I regret it because our photos didn’t turn out how I wanted them to)
  2. Make sure that what you want is what they do- go on Pinterest and send her the pins, make sure the props will give you the look you want
  3. Have a color scheme in mind of what you want to have in your photos, your little one will be wrapped in some sort of swaddle, think about what you will want on your walls in your home!
  4. Prepare a few outfits to be photographed in just in case you don’t like what the photographer has
  5. Dress comfortably, we dressed up but if we had been more comfortable the photos would have turned out better

Good luck with your new little one and I wish you all the best in those first few months! And if you decide to do a newborn photo session, I hope that these thoughts help you get the most out of your photo session.

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