A Mom’s National Tequila Day

Today is National Tequila Day mamas!


Each mama deserves a break, you deserve some time to take care of yourself and celebrate the fact that you are a strong, powerful woman that provides not only for your family first, but for yourself. We as mamas can get into a crazy routine where we go go go go and don’t remember that we are literally are super mamas.

We cook, clean the house, do the laundry (even sort the laundry) , play with our kids, walk the dogs, keep friendships, grow friendships, meet new people, maintain a business or a job, and even make time for a workout or two…. Just to name a few.

So today is not National Tequila Day, it is “Mom’s National Tequila Day.” If this day is for anyone, it is for you mamas. If you can’t celebrate today, try this week, but take a step and ask your husbands to take you out! And even have your little one tags along, you can make it a family outing, but make your hubby be on baby duty. That’s what our plan is on Friday 🙂

This day is a celebration, a celebration for the super mom that you are.

So what do I recommend you have on this special day? Only the best for us super mamas!

I love to have a margarita with a floater of Grand Marnier on top. My mother-in-law introduced me to this and that’s all I like to order, unless we are at happy hour at Chuy’s!

We won’t have a margarita today, and I wouldn’t want to trade this little one for a margarita any day!

So mama’s! If you can, please enjoy a margarita for me this year! And if you want a recommendation for where to go in Austin, I recommend Chuy’s, they have great margaritas, and even better prices during happy hour.

If you’re in it for the tequila, I read an article on Austin 360 about the best places for National Tequila Day- and I have to agree that these are pretty darn good. My favorite on the list? Fonda San Miguel.

Drink up mamas! I’m enjoying my #momlifeandmargaritas and you should too.

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