Flight with Baby

I just took my first trip with my little one and my husband back in August. We traveled from Austin, TX to Santa Barbara, CA. Here are some recommendations for what can make your flight a bit easier.

What to pack in your diaper bag

  1. I like to pack one diaper for each hour I will be gone just in case, but I know this is always too many
  2. Pack a set of diaper wipes, I like to have a fresh full pack just in case I am in a “messy” situation
  3. Diaper cream, Theo never has diaper rash but did on this trip for some reason
  4. Clorox wipes, there are places that you have to put your little one down and it can get pretty gross
  5. 3-4 outfits, baby clothes are small and easy to fold so they don’t take up too much room
  6. 3-4 Toys that have dual purposes, we have this toy and it makes noise by shaking but can also we used to touch and teeth
  7. Pacifiers! Cannot stress this enough, babies have to suck on something on the way up and down to hep with altitude change, otherwise they will cry because their ears can’t adjust

Checking items at the front

  1. Check your car seat and buy and car seat bag off Amazon to protect it. I bought this one:
  2. Ask if you can check your stroller for free (usually you only get one infant item but sometimes they are nice to allow you two) , if you have the UPPAbaby, and buy the UPPAbaby stroller bag so the warranty keeps.
  3. Check all other luggage you don’t need, we only took the necessities…

Strolling through the airpot

  1. Wear your baby through the airport strapped to your chest
  2. Try to have all luggage checked so you don’t have to carry anything
  3. Wear your diaper bag on your bag while you carry the baby
  4. Have your husband be in charge of the personal carry on for both of you, including your purse with the tickets
  5. Have your purse inside his personal carry on item with the tickets, pull this out while in the airport so a wallet is readily handy

Getting through security

You really don’t need much, make sure that you wear your baby and state that you are the mom. Here’s what you need:

  1. Birth Certificate for your little one
  2. Bottle of Water
  3. Formula
  4. Breast pump (if you are pumping)
  5. Ice packs that are solid ice or at least cold (these are allowed in Austin if they are to chill the milk that you have)
  6. Baby carrier to wear your baby through security
  7. No jacket so you don’t have to take off your baby and your sweatshirt

At the end of the day it is really easy to wear your baby through security and just check everything through to your destination. A lot of people I know like to take the stroller through and use that as your “catch-all.” Well, that just didn’t work for me, I am too worried about loosing something and forgetting something along the way. If you have too much stuff it is too hard to remember and you really just need to remember your kiddo. And get this! You can pee with your little one attached to you, it does work.

Make your life easy, wear your baby, pack lite and get traveling mommas! Happy to help with all of you that are traveling.

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