Growing Up: 11 Months and Starting to Walk

Do you remember when your little one started walking? Gosh! What a silly question, of course you do!

I didn’t realize that little one’s could start walking as early as 11 months, but I should have seen this coming. Theo was crawling early, flipping over and just bouncing in his jumper since about 4-5 months.

This day was bound to come and I have been waiting to catch it on film! He has taken a few steps every now and then and I keep missing it as I am just wrapped up and in awe of him. But even though it is an exciting time, I feel a bit guilty because I haven’t been able to catch him every time he starts to take steps and then missteps.

Kids bump their heads so often at this stage and I have learned a few things that I hope help you when your little one is at this adventurous stage.

  1. Try to practice walking on a carpet + foam play mat
  2. If you can, practice walking between you and your husband so they can “fall into you”
  3. Make sure that their pants are either off or actually shorts so that if they do slip down they don’t get under their feet
  4. Make sure they don’t have socks or that they have shoes with a rubber sole
  5. I’ve been told by my pediatrician to have him learn to walk in shoes so he will actually use shoes later when he needs it (I like this one)
  6. Use a ball or something that they enjoy as a way to encourage movement from person to person
  7. Let them use a walker, so long as you keep a careful eye so that they can practice on their own

Theo gets a lot of practice on our hardwoods, but he is always holding onto something. He actually likes to use his high chair, which can be a good and bad thing. It is a bit higher so if he misses grabbing on he can face plant, but the fact that it is higher makes it easier for him to push since he is a bit taller than average.

It is easier for him to practice when we are on the play-mat, but no matter what he is always bound to hit the ground with his noggin at some point. We always remember to scoop him up, snuggle him, kiss him and let him know that it is okay. We try to keep this time to just enough so he isn’t bawling, and he can still get up and get going again.

We have to remember that babies keep trying and trying. They fall and they get back up again. We have to continue to encourage them to do that so they can be fearless humans. Yes, there are times where caution is a good thing, but it is their decision of what they can or can’t do. They need to try things, fail fast and try again.

I would love to hear all of your stories about what you do to support your little ones and how you encouraged walking!

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