Baby Registry Items

So I know that I said that you don’t need much to prep for baby, and that is true, but guess what? You most likely will have a baby shower, or even two for that matter, and people will want to get you gifts!

I created my registry on Baby List, and I absolutely loved it. You will have to explain to people how it works, but hopefully you know enough after this post that that is the easy part, and the decisions the hard bit!

Strollers and Car Seats


Bassinet or Crib

Bottles, Storage Bags and Bottle Cleaners

At the end of the day you baby is going to be fed no matter whether that be from a boob or a bottle and that is something that took me a minute to figure out. We have all this information around breast feeding and I didn’t really see it as an option to bottle feed my baby until I was over producing at 2am.

You need to ensure that you have some bottles at home when you go home. You may be intending to go home and only breast feed but what if you have too much milk? Or if you decide you are too sleep deprived and the baby is definitely getting the bottle?

You never know what may happen when you go home so I find it is always good to prepare and if you have at least one bottle this will help you not have to make the midnight run to Target before they close.

If you really decide you don’t want to do bottles you will at least need some storage bags to store the surplus.

So why Baby List?

You can get the Babylist plug in for your Google Chrome browser, which will help to track all the things that you think you will need. Trust me, you will find a lot of things that you like and you might as well put it on your Baby Registry- you have a great support system and they want to support you and spoil your little one.

Last Thought…

When I registered I didn’t ask for any clothes, well I wish I did. Something that no one though of was footie pajamas. Footie pajamas are the most wonderful thing for sleep and that is the one thing I would recommend all moms anywhere get for each stage of life. You can dress your little one in a footie pajama (zippers preferred but buttons also welcomed). I use about 3-4 footie pajamas for each size. So Theo has 3-4 footies for 3-6 months and 3-4 footies for 6-9 month and lastly he has 3-4 more footies for 9-12 months. This makes your job a lot easier when they go to bed. You don’t worry about excess clothing wrapping around them and harming them. The tighter the better so they can’t eat their sleeves either.

So moms- stock up on some footie pajamas and keep your babies warm!

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