It is okay to do nothing

We are currently in a time of uncertainty. There are a lot of things that we get notified of in the world, you may have notifications pop up on your phone so you can stay up to date on what is going on in the world, but keep in mind of what you are reading.

I wrote a blog post on self care because we really do need to take care of ourselves. The world is ever changing and we have a new normal that we are trying to figure out. And when will that be? We really don’t have an answer quite yet.

I have anxiety, I do see that there are moments when I am more stressed out than normal. But, I do know how to take care of myself to lower these stress levels so I can feel better about my day.

I posted about self care earlier today because we need to check in with ourselves. Check in with how you are doing, ask yourself, are you okay? Do you need to take a moment, breathe and recenter yourself? Do you need to take a moment to focus on what you want and what is good for you and your family?

It is okay to be okay, and I think that needs to be said. There is so much talk today about using this time to be more producitve, do more and try that new project or jump back into fitness.

Yes, that is all said and good, and I say go for it, if you can! But at the end of the day, you need to know yourself. Can you do this? or will it set you over the edge? Is it giving you anxiety to do everything?

Know who you are and what you can or can’t do. I know that there is no way on this earth that I can take on working out every day. My workout is chasing my 11 month old son around the house, doing laundry, cooking, cleaning and walking our dog, while also trying to do my full time job.

I am busy, and I know you are too. It is okay to not be okay with adding in another item on your to-do list. No matter what others are doing, there is always going to be something else that you can add to your day. But who cares! You can do it when the chaos settles and you have more time.

We all need to be able to shut off our brain every once and while, so what I say is, “If you would rather plop down on the couch once your kid goes to sleep than pulling out the steps on the treadmill, that is okay.” More people do this than you think!

Remember, you are a super mama and you can still be a super mama on the couch, while laying in bed or even relaxing in the tub with your margarita (or diet coke!).

It is our job to do what we can, block out the noise and listen to yourself. What can you do and what is going to make you happy?

Sure, there are some of us who use working out as an outlet, and there are some of us who do like to work on the house and maybe build a closet or paint a bedroom. But, honestly doing that after a long day of all the housework, work and being a mom, it is something I don’t prefer to do all the time. I do have my days where I dive into it, but I know the days when I just can’t.

I hope you take this note to you and use it as a way to motivate yourself to do nothing, spend time doing what you want to do and don’t over commit yourself to all the things that you think you should be doing.

By overcommitting yourself and also reading through the news about what is currently happening today, you are bound to become one giant stress ball, and we are supposed to squeeze those not become those! Take it day by day, and you will be okay.

Stay safe and healthy, and most of all, stay home! I love you all, cheers to another day of being parents. We got this!

Self Care

Take care of yourself mamas! There is a lot of focus on everyone and everything else, but don’t forget that you exist too! The better you take care of yourself, the better you will feel and the better you can actually provide for everyone else.

Here are some things that I do to help take care of myself, and I hope you do too. We are currently in a time where there are a lot of things happening around us and we need to do all we can to relax, refresh and focus back on ourselves so we can continue to support the ones that matter most.

  1. When your little one is down for a nap, try to put them down in your bathroom and take a quick bath! I have noticed I run the water Theo falls asleep so we have a travel crib that I can put in the bathroom with us so he is close by. If they sleep in their own crib just fine, even better.
  2. Get a massage chair or cushion that you can put on a chair to massage your shoulders.
  3. Spruce yourself up, do your own nails or try a new hairdo.
  4. Read a book at the end of the day, write your thoughts down, journal and reflect.
  5. Brush your teeth a little bit longer and close your eyes, think back on your day and what made it so great. (This is oddly relaxing)
  6. If you have a dog, brush their hair, given them a belly rub or back scratch, spend some much needed quality time with them.
  7. Workout, walk or lift those 5 pound weights around. Try a new yoga video on YouTube or goof off while FaceTiming your mom or sister.
  8. Watch a chick-flick or rom-com on the television, make some popcorn and drink a margarita. If you don’t drink, have a diet coke! If you really want to make it feel like a spa throw some fruit in a glass of water and spray some lavender on your bed.

There is an endless list of things that you could do to take care of yourself and I don’t want to overwhelm you, but I do want to relay that you should be taking care of yourself. We need it mamas!

I am one of those people that struggles to take the time to take care of myself, but we all should. I should. My husband and I have a system. He knows that Monday night is “me time.” This means he puts Theo to bed, and he is responsible for him if he wakes up.

Do what you have to do, set aside at least one night a week where you can put all of your focus on yourself.

I hope that this has helped you and that you can take some much needed you time, and self care time. Please do share what you are currently doing to #selfcare, I would love to learn from you as well!

Growing Up: 11 Months and Starting to Walk

Do you remember when your little one started walking? Gosh! What a silly question, of course you do!

I didn’t realize that little one’s could start walking as early as 11 months, but I should have seen this coming. Theo was crawling early, flipping over and just bouncing in his jumper since about 4-5 months.

This day was bound to come and I have been waiting to catch it on film! He has taken a few steps every now and then and I keep missing it as I am just wrapped up and in awe of him. But even though it is an exciting time, I feel a bit guilty because I haven’t been able to catch him every time he starts to take steps and then missteps.

Kids bump their heads so often at this stage and I have learned a few things that I hope help you when your little one is at this adventurous stage.

  1. Try to practice walking on a carpet + foam play mat
  2. If you can, practice walking between you and your husband so they can “fall into you”
  3. Make sure that their pants are either off or actually shorts so that if they do slip down they don’t get under their feet
  4. Make sure they don’t have socks or that they have shoes with a rubber sole
  5. I’ve been told by my pediatrician to have him learn to walk in shoes so he will actually use shoes later when he needs it (I like this one)
  6. Use a ball or something that they enjoy as a way to encourage movement from person to person
  7. Let them use a walker, so long as you keep a careful eye so that they can practice on their own

Theo gets a lot of practice on our hardwoods, but he is always holding onto something. He actually likes to use his high chair, which can be a good and bad thing. It is a bit higher so if he misses grabbing on he can face plant, but the fact that it is higher makes it easier for him to push since he is a bit taller than average.

It is easier for him to practice when we are on the play-mat, but no matter what he is always bound to hit the ground with his noggin at some point. We always remember to scoop him up, snuggle him, kiss him and let him know that it is okay. We try to keep this time to just enough so he isn’t bawling, and he can still get up and get going again.

We have to remember that babies keep trying and trying. They fall and they get back up again. We have to continue to encourage them to do that so they can be fearless humans. Yes, there are times where caution is a good thing, but it is their decision of what they can or can’t do. They need to try things, fail fast and try again.

I would love to hear all of your stories about what you do to support your little ones and how you encouraged walking!

A Family Weekend

We are all at home making sure we contain the spread of COVID-19. I understand that staying home can be a lot, especially when it is a rainy day, where you stay inside all day. But, we do this because we love our neighbors, our family, our friends and all the people working the front lines to combat the virus. So thank you to everyone for doing your part, and I hope those that read this can use it as a way to stay inside and find new things to do!

Theo was up all night and so were we, but it doesn’t mean you we parents have a day off. We still get up and love our little humans regardless of the lack of sleep. My trick today was a cup of coffee, a diet coke and my husband, who was my partner in the success of the day.

Here is what we did today.


  1. Video conferenced Aunt Katie and Uncle Alex
  2. Made breakfast and talked Theo through the steps in the kitchen
  3. Ate breakfast, which included eggs, veggies, beef and cheerios
  4. Video conferenced some more family, mimi and grandpa Dave
  5. Had a 6 ounce bottle of formula


  1. Went on a family walk / jog for an hour
  2. Theo took a nap and we cleaned the house
  3. Video conferenced grandma Jean
  4. Ate lunch, which included a fruit cup and cheerios
  5. Theo had a 6 ounce bottle of formula while dad blew all the leaves off the driveway and mom picked up the play area
  6. Pulled out the mixing bowls and measuring cups for music time
  7. Sat in the kitchen and made music


  1. Theo played in the playpen while mom and dad rested on the couch
  2. Theo took another hour long nap with mom on the couch while dad created a game!
  3. Dinner, which included fish sticks and tater tots with a jar of green beans for Theo

And now are all turning in for the night, Nate did some work, I made dinner for tomorrow in the crockpot, Ellie snoozed on the couch and Theo was in bed within 20 minutes and asleep by 9pm.

Our Favorite Rainy Day Activities

Let’s face it, it is fun to get outside and do all the activities. For Pete’s sake I just wrote a blog post on all the things you can do! And yes, I do those, but sometimes you just want to plop down inside and play in the play yard with your little ones. Here are somethings we do inside, whether it be in the house or in his play pen.

Light shows with our light up turtle

See if you can’t get a white dish towel to cover the lights on this wonderful turtle as it is not recommended they look straight at them. We like to do this so he can see the lights and hear the sounds of the ocean.

Bang the cups

We have a stack of cups that we use and Theo likes to use these to make noise. You can use really anything you have in the house if you don’t want to buy something, like measuring cups or bowls.

Play Catch

We take a football or giant soft baseball and we toss it back and forth, he is starting to get the hang of it and tossing it back to us!

Jump Around

We let Theo jump in his jumper/ bouncer for as long as he wants, our doctor said that it really can’t do damage. I think it has honestly made his legs super strong and given him the ability to walk quicker!

Snuggle and Watch a Movie

I don’t like to promote TV, but when all else fails, and you are just too tired form the night before, it is sometimes to just spend time on the couch, snuggling and watching Frozen or Frozen II for the thirtieth time in a row! This usually leads to a group nap, which is SO FUN!