Our Wedding

What makes a wedding? How do you really make a statement and make it one for the books? We all want everyone to have a good time, but Nathan and I really wanted to knock it out of the park.

Here is how we made it memorable.

Create a Lively Welcome Table

Personalize. Personalize. Personalize.

Nathan and I were engaged in Hawaii, we were going on our honeymoon in Hawaii, and overall we just love the big palm trees, breezy days, warm weather and feeling like you are on vacation 24/7. We love coastal decor and everything in our home is coastal traditional. So why not have a wedding that embraces this part of our lives? And we did.

My biggest piece of advice is, stay true to you. Don’t worry about “what’s hot,” and “what’s trending” because honestly, it’s all wonderful and that does look great on Instagram, but these are your memories, make them true to you and you will be more comfortable and happy on your wedding day. And you will like the photos and videos more! This is your day to have your “team’s” personality shine! Or whatever you call your husband and you. If you haven’t read my other posts yet, I refer to my family as, “Team Nenz.”

You are the designer of your wedding, no matter how many people help you plan the big day. You hold the key to the day and you have the power to say, “Yes” or “No.”

Remember Your Family

Your new team is number one now, but don’t forget that you wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for your family. Don’t forget to thank your mom, dad, grandparents (if you are fortunate to have them) and to say I love you and spend a moment bonding with them.

Find a way to remind yourself of where you came from, so the day slows down and you can appreciate all that you were given and truly understsand where you will go. It is important to be grateful of the day and to not loose sight of what this day really means.

I decided to wear my grandmother’s daimond and saphire ring on my shoe, I would glance down at it throughout the night and remember my family. It would remind me to include them as best I could. Yes, you are busy but your familly brought you to this moment. Thank them.

Be Yourself

Invite Kids

A lot of people don’t really want to have kids at their wedding, and that is fine! I completely understand why you wouldn’t, they are loud and they can be unpredictable. They can – not saying they always do- but take the light off your special day, especially if there are newborn babies that no one has met yet. I can guess that people will be more interested in a newborn rather than you. For gosh shakes the people at your wedding have known you for a while!

But, regardless, I think it is important to invite the whole family. i enjoyed having all the kids at the wedding, and I had two cute flower girls to show for it!

At the end of the day, have fun, the day is for you and your husband to start the next chapter together as one.

If you are happy with the day and you don’t let things bother you but instead, you accept the madness and continue to laugh hard, breathe deeply, take mental pictures and thank all those that you love, you will have a great time and you will remember one of the best days of your life.

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