New Moms- How to Prep for Baby: Clothes

I am so happy we didn’t waste our time with washing all clothes and taking stickers off blankets and toys, because you know what? You have no idea how big or small your baby is going to be! When your baby is born, the weight that your doctor has been telling you could be offContinue reading “New Moms- How to Prep for Baby: Clothes”

New Moms- How to Prep for Baby: Diapering and Toys

The other big thing you need to do is to be ready to change your baby’s many diapers and have a few items to entertain your baby. Nathan and I set up a changing table and had a couple of toys that we assembled once Theo was home. You will have some time to doContinue reading “New Moms- How to Prep for Baby: Diapering and Toys”

New Moms- How to Prep for Baby

This is an introduction to a four part mini series of posts on how my family prepped for our first baby to come home. I want to share with all new moms what you can do to get ready for baby, because in my opinion, there really isn’t much to do. To be honest, IContinue reading “New Moms- How to Prep for Baby”

The Boppy is Your Best friend

On your registry you are going to have so many things to choose from, but let me tell you the one thing that I couldn’t have lived without after we had Theo. It was the boppy. The boppy is such a great invention altogether and I’ll tell you why. Theo was a NICU baby ,Continue reading “The Boppy is Your Best friend”

A Pregnant Wedding Season

Nathan and I haven’t been to any weddings together, until this year. 2019 was the year of weddings, including our own. We went to a total of five weddings. I treasured this year, especially because all our close friends and family were getting married in 2019, so Nathan and I were able to, before TheodoreContinue reading “A Pregnant Wedding Season”